some london

London city lights, London Bridge and the Thames from South Bank. the last two scanned from the prints not the negs. taken on the fisheye baby. i’m loving the light leak in the lens on the middle pic. not loving the messed up winding thing on the camera which doesn’t wind on properly.

washed out summer

because it’s deliriously cold here and wintery but mostly not in a good way, i’ve dug up some analogue photos from a couple of summers ago. you know, to add a little glow to the moment. these were taken on my Diana F+ and the sunny, washed-out look is one of my favourite things about […]

the daydream

O Lady Flora, let me speak: a pleasant hour has passed away While, dreaming on your damask cheek, the dewy sister-eyelids lay. As by the lattice you reclined, I went thro’ many wayward moods To see you dreaming–and, behind, a summer crisp with shining woods. And I too dream’d, until at last across my fancy, brooding warm, […]