a mystery of doubles

So i bought this wonderful film mag a while back. A few weeks ago, during a house-move clearout, i somehow discovered i had two copies. Two copies of a fairly obscure film mag? Why would I buy two copies? The thing is, i’m pretty sure I didn’t. Where’s the other one from?  My theory is, […]

amazing salad

the other day i got an email, a kind of chain letter for a recipe exchange. as it’s summery i’ve been eating loads of really delicious salads, i sent this. the dry-fried seeds/nuts are THE BEST. avocado is simply heavenly and Marks & Spencer’s Santini tomatoes are really really good. let me know if you […]

bonfire night rag

a while back i posted a few photos from a video promo i was making with a friend, a 30-second ad-spot for a new vinyl release. see the vanishing coat and the dancing magpies for the posts. they were fun to make, and if you’re interested, this was the end result: