james rhodes

I played the piano from age 10 and am somehow always drawn back to it. James Rhodes plays piano too but much, much better 😉 He picks some sublime pieces of music, sometimes something from larger pieces of work and it’s just perfect (mostly; I could manage with less Bach… sorry!). I could listen to him play for all eternity. Seeing him live is a lovely experience too, he’s genuine and down-to-earth and entertains inbetween pieces with anecdotes about his life, the music, the composers. He’s been through some rough times but still goes on stage and plays and shares. It’s about finding the one thing that drives you, that makes living every day worthwhile. I wish everyone could find this spark that gives them purpose.

This is an extract from Gluck’s Orpheus & Eurydice. James Rhodes said about this, if he were to try and describe with music what love feels like, this would be it. https://soundcloud.com/jrhodespianist/gluck-melody-from-orfeo

Below a sneaky iPhone pic of the piano from a concert he played back in autumn, and my signed CD… yay 🙂

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