art deco pool

the lido at tooting bec (south london) was built in 1906 and is a wonderful art deco building. it’s open air and really a bit cold, but so lovely on a hot summer’s day. this is the glass on the outside of the changing rooms. it’s a digital photo taken with an analogue lens, the Lensbaby: it shoots on zero aperture but has a bendy lens casing so you can create all sorts of effects and focus on very specific areas. so what you see on this photo is not a photoshopped effect. lido

2 thoughts on “art deco pool

  1. This photograph strongly reminds me of Annie’s early work, which is strange when one considers this is digital, not film. Even more remarkable is the fact that her style is so clearly present – photography being largely a mechanical process. At first, I thought this had something to do with the pastel, soft colours, also present in her early pictures. Or perhaps her ability to build simplistic compositions that hold the viewers eyes and concentration much longer than one would expect.

    Then I realised it wasn’t that either, and that I wasn’t going to be able to put my finger on it that easily; and maybe that’s the point. Perhaps Annie doesn’t want us to know. Perhaps she just wants us to wonder.

    1. wow, thank you! it’s true, i want people to wonder. and i want my photos to not look entirely like real life, but have a hint of the ethereal, other-worldly or a dream-like feel. those are my favourites.

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