One of my favourite theatres in London is the Donmar Warehouse in Covent Garden. It’s tiny (it only seats 250 people), intimate and sometimes wonderfully intense. It’s almost a perfect kind of theatre. I’ve seen some amazing plays there (and some slightly less amazing). Tom Hiddleston (handsome sort of actor, has a sudden massive fanbase after playing Loki in the Avengers/Thor movies) was recently in a production of Shakespeare’s Coriolanus and it was almost impossible to get tickets. People queued all night. I met someone in the queue who had queued from 2am to get a ticket. Several times, I set my alarm for 3am with the intention of getting to the theatre for 4am… but would fall back asleep, hounded by nightmares of trecking across London in the dark and cold wintery night; and hounded by even worse nightmares at my lack of dedication.

But, thank god for NT Live: I went to a ‘live’ streamed cinema showing of the play one evening. It’s almost as good as being at the theatre in person. This Picturehouse cinema is where I went to see it.

Talking of Tom Hiddleston, I went to see ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’ at the weekend, the new Jim Jarmusch film about vampires. Tom H and Tilda Swinton, so wonderfully ethereal and otherworldy, are vampires but the film has cute little twists on traditional vampire tales. It’s beautifully shot, funny and charming.Coriolanus-stratford

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