4 thoughts on “seaside

  1. I love that photo of the beach. I bet you didn’t even post process it which makes it all the more incredible. I kind of would like you to have at least straightened the horizon in Lightroom though. But apart from that it’s perfect!

    Hector Chapman | CEO | Global Me Inc | h@hectorchapman.com | Living room: 089 6930 5888 | Pub: 0176 8011 6935


    1. thank you H, right on all counts – the colours are real, no post processing. all i did was a small attempt at straightening the horizon (fail). maybe i’ll do this again and re-upload the photo, i agree that without the perfect horizon it’s only half the photo it could be. 🙂

    1. Ciao Loris, grazie per la tua visita! anche a me piaciono questi colori e il paesaggio e’ tranquilo. e’ stato un bel giorno, un po’ di vento, niente sole, pero’ bello. guardo questa foto con calma 🙂

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