the cool kids

back in january i decided to update my blog with a new look that might get me accepted into the cool kids club so i too can sit at the back of class and work secretly on theories about tangent universes. in Earth time this is only 3 months late. in calendar days since the age of dinosaurs this isn’t even calculable in its minuteness.

so today i’ve changed my mind ten thousand times. messed with colours and fonts i didn’t know existed and some that shouldn’t exist. waged war on my slightly neurotic sense of perfection which used really a surprising amount of effort to fight back. then a sudden existentialist panic or boredom or a fear of the mundane made me settle on a retro kind of 70s yellow against black. i love yellow. i may be alone in this though, as i’m sure yellow barely even registers on most people’s favourite colour lists. but who above the age of seven even has a fave colour list anymore? that’s right: nobody… well OK i do. maybe you do too.

regardless, i hope the yellow makes you feel warm and fabulous and fuzzy in your soul because it shouldn’t be any other way.

also, i may change my mind again tomorrow.

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