everyone loves stickers

everyone loves stickers, right? it’s one of those things you get stuck on when you’re a kid and it never really lets go. shiny stickers or those that reflect light in interesting ways are a favourite of mine but i’m not going to talk about that. anyway back in the summer i went to an incredible art car exhibition in a multi-storey car park in East London, the BMW Car Art Collection (showing cars from 1975-2010). i’ll post pics of the cars in a bit. it was organised with the ICA in London (Institute of Contemporary Arts) and these stickers were from previous exhibitions. because i’m noble (not really) and Google is my friend (if a ‘friend’ can be called that when they never return your calls), i looked them up for you! Wonder and Horror of the Human Head was an exhibition organised in 1953 (and ‘was essentially a collection of visual studies of the head‘), Young and Fantastic in 1969 (artist: Penelope Slinger, slightly unsettling art if you ask me) and The Institute of Cultural Anxiety took place in 1994/5 (artist: Jeremie Miller, on his website he explains: [this exhibition] can be seen as an early manifestation of certain themes and ideas ….: the assemblage-like nature of collections; the making of exhibition and other forms of display; the relationship between art and non-art objects; and the creation of imaginary conceits with which to structure a work). i’m not sure why i’ve gone all detailed when this post is really just about stickers.

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