i’ve been mighty slack with posting photos even though i’ve taken millions in the past few weeks! bad me. here’s another cheat photo (made all groovy-like on hipstamatic). even though i can’t stand boiled sweets, they always look enticingly lovely and suck me in with their rainbow colours and gleaming shinyness. i could work in a sweet shop and never eat anything there: safe. couldn’t say the same for a cake shop, a marzipan market or coconut shy. working in an office has its charms, paper’s no good for digestion (even though i bet it’s zero calories), pens are for chewing only, but there’s free coffee and fruit and we even have toast at my office…. and I realise I’m falling into some sort of droning blahness about work! stop me! y’all get out before it’s too late! …so much drama.

2 thoughts on “sweets

  1. 1. i’m all-sorts of glad this made you chuckle 🙂 2. a cheese shop! mostly good to awesome because cheese gives you weird & wonderful dreams and i love waking up feeling confused and otherworldly in those first moments of fading sleepiness.

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