this was taken at the London Fashion & Textile Museum, at their current exhibition on pop culture from the 50s, 60s and 70s. the exhibition is wonderful, and small & lightweight enough to keep your attention (i’m not always into museums, all that heavy stuff and steel things and cast iron). i love the design of some of […]


i’ve been mighty slack with posting photos even though i’ve taken millions in the past few weeks! bad me. here’s another cheat photo (made all groovy-like on hipstamatic). even though i can’t stand boiled sweets, they always look enticingly lovely and suck me in with their rainbow colours and gleaming shinyness. i could work in a sweet shop and never […]

the olympic torch at st paul’s

i bet you’ve all seen tons of pictures of the Olympic torch(es) and have been dazzled, entranced, spellbound by its warm golden glow… or maybe it’s left you nonchalant and indifferent? either way, there was quite a buzzy vibe around the torch relay and seeing it sort of makes you feel a part of something you’re only […]