yellow dial phone

there’s a little antique/junk shop near where i live and this dial phone appeared in the window one day this week. it’s a 700-series dial phone from the late 60s / 70s. this morning i went along and it was still there. normally dial phones get snapped up at the speed of lightning or they’re sold for £60 upwards, which defeats the point of finding a dirty bargain. did i say ‘dirty bargain’? it’s horrifically grubby, filled with ancient grime and dust, the faded whispers of secret conversations, a silent witness to illicit liaisons and timeless gossip.

5 thoughts on “yellow dial phone

  1. I love those rotary-dial phones, especially when you dial “zero”: crrrrrrrrrrrit! chk-k-k-k-k-k-k-k-k (mind that the crrrrrrrit bit is with rolled r’s)

    ps: the carpet reminds me of Regency Lodge

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