chocolate oat cookies

so tonight i forgot to, again, heed my inner flat tummy voice and gave into another whimsical fancy for munchy food, this time chocolate oat cookies. ingredients, in varying amounts and in no particular order, are: spelt flour, oats, cocoa powder (unsweetened), margarine, soya milk, agave nectar. mix up, make into cookie shapes with a magic wand, bake for 15 or so minutes at 180-190 C. i’m quite the baker! *chuckles* anyway gotta go, Grimm is on. won’t miss that for the world.

4 thoughts on “chocolate oat cookies

  1. dorset rod asks if you would supply him with your cookies for his forthcoming cycle in the wake of the olympic torch thro the uk or at least throw one at him on the 23rd july when the torch comes thro sutton merton wandsworth xx

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