14th february

Happy Valentine’s Day.  I’m always in two minds about today. I like the idea (photo 1) but it’s not really a reflection of reality, so I actually feel more like photo 2…. blasé and disenchanted.

4 thoughts on “14th february

  1. I can’t seperate those two pictures. I think that in photo 2 those ‘reliable friends’ went on bit of a rampage.
    Btw, why are all the friends wearing a scarf or other neck accesory. All of them are!! Did you dress up the dolls for a photo….

  2. v funny 🙂 & thanks for stopping by!
    i didn’t need to dress them up, they are always photo-ready. the scarves are all special and each one wards off a different kind of evil. with the exception of Mr Monkey’s scarf, a banana-coloured bit of material that he found. he buries his head in it a lot and then lolls around a bit for no reason i can understand.

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