lying low



now what? #brexit

How how how could this happen? Who voted to leave the EU? Did so many people really not look into this or consider the consequences, the million tiny things that this will impact? This will affect everyone and everything here. What a bleak day.

When they say “the British people have chosen”…no: the Leave voters have chosen. I’m not those people, don’t include me in that category. I don’t care what the majority was, a hugely significant number of people still want to stay. My heart breaks for this, for everything, all of it. This feels like the end and the referendum should never have happened.

a mystery of doubles

So i bought this wonderful film mag a while back. A few weeks ago, during a house-move clearout, i somehow discovered i had two copies. Two copies of a fairly obscure film mag? Why would I buy two copies? The thing is, i’m pretty sure I didn’t. Where’s the other one from? 

My theory is, it’s from the future. I’ve been watching 12 Monkeys (the TV Series) on Syfy so this makes perfect sense.